Blend Bulls is a leading online news platform that projects to deliver the most recent and crucial happenings of Health, Science, Technology, and Entertainment. Here at Blend Bulls, we’re moving ahead with a motive to serve our readers with in-depth coverage of latest news and headlines.

Blend Bulls was founded in 2015 with an ambition to become a trusted and reliable news source for people all across the world. Since then Blend Bulls is in a continuous run of delivering timely and detailed coverages of every recent happening. Here at Blend Bulls, we are covering plenty of new feeds from various categories like Science, Space, Environment, Health, Fitness, Technology and much more.

Nothing hyper-logical or fake, Blend Bulls believes in providing modest and most recent happenings. The continuous news serving on the website makes us reliable among millions of news readers all across the globe. From our perspective, we promise to create coverage of all recent happenings of above-mentioned sections.

With news postings, we also project towards actual and true user based review of some technical assets like gadgets and automobiles. We also encourage our team to get intact with the latest technical gadget so that they can provide more vivid and details information about tech gadgets.

Our Motive

Here at Blend Bulls, our motive is to serve all our readers with up to date happenings and news all across the nation. We aim to create a non-biased news platform to a wide range of news readers of India.


Blend Bulls, started when a bunch of colleges passed out bloggers decided to create a non-biased news platform to serve all news seekers with updated and fresh news happenings. Every individual took a pledge to get into the depth of news and post it on the website under appropriate time so that our readers can get complete coverages as quickly as possible.

From where we collection Information?

Our team of journalists finds a story from both online and offline medium, then makes an in-depth search of that to make true coverage. We have designated our writers with their expertise category to make them deliver the best.