A Nurse in Palo Alto discovers that her new career is the baby that she treated decades ago

Nurse, Palo Alto

Vilma Wong, a nurse, working in the new natal Intensive Care Unit at the Lucile Packard children’s hospital in Palo Alto, now finds out that she is working with the same baby after 28 years that brings her beautiful memories of the past. The baby was a boy that was just born in 29 weeks and he needed to remain in the hospital for more than a month before his parents could take him down to his hometown in Saint Jose.  

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The story took place 30 years ago, and one remembers the babies last name Seminatore. When a young daughter named Brandon Seminatore walks into the hospital to work with the same stuff where Wong was a member, she noticed. She kept questioning the young doctor like what his real name is and where he is from, and Brandon explained that he is from San Jose and he was a premature baby who was born in the same hospital he is working right now.

Wong remembers the memories when she was a primary nurse to a baby around 30 years ago in the same hospital, and he shared the same last name. To confirm her suspicion, she asked whether his dad was a police officer or not. And he said yes, and Brandon immediately asks whether she is Vilma! There was a moment of silence in the area, and both of them couldn’t understand how to react! Experiencing something like this is not what you can have every day, and Vilma was overwhelmed with joy when she wrote down her blog and shared this beautiful moment of her life with her readers.

Brandon explained that the Revelation was surreal and believing that Vilma is not yet a retired he said, he has come full circle and his taking care of babies with the nurse that took care of him. Vilma and Seminatore are now working together these days, and the doctor works as a child Neurologist. Vilma explains that Brandon is now the part of the same resident of the pediatric hospital of which he was once a part when he was born.

This is a matter of coincidence but can also be called a destined story. Vilma had no clue that she would ever get a chance to meet the 29-week old premature child and Brandon never hoped to meet Vilma in the same hospital where he stepped down to work.


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