A social media icon, Claire Wineland, died a week after her lung transplant

social media icon, Claire Wineland, lung transplant

No matter how many obstacles were put in front of her, she always refused to be pitied and was determined that she will live a life that she valued. She is the one inspiration for millions of people on the social media sites. She inspired people by her honest talk about her illness and mortality and brightened the lives of those who saw her. This Sunday, when she was taken off from life support and was given a pair of transplanted lungs, she took her last breath. The doctors said that her cause of death was a massive stroke that she suffered after the transplant surgery. She was only 21 years of age. She had been suffering from cystic fibrosis, and at the age of 21, she had become a sensational figure in the social media platforms by her speeches.

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More than a quarter of her life was spent taking rounds at the hospitals, and the medical team that treated her became her family because of her attitude and simplicity. She was found playing with the nurse’s hide-and-seek and left explosions of glitter in her wake at the hospital. She invested most of her time in decorating her hospital room, so it felt and looked like her home. Mellissa Nordquist Yeager and John Wineland, her parents, split up when Claire was only three years old but they remained the best of friends and took care of her together. Melissa was reported saying that, whoever met Claire, she would make them her friends and her smile was the factor that brightened everyone’s day.

Her father said that Claire taught him not to be afraid of what hasn’t happened yet and taught him what love is. Melissa, who lost many jobs and quit them mid-term just to be with her daughter at the hospital dictated, always marvelled at her daughter’s fighting spirit and her ability to lift everyone’s mood who met her. In the year 2017, Mellissa recalled a conversation with Claire about death. During her conversation, Claire looked at her mother at a glance and said when you die; you become closer to that person because you are a part of everything.

These words are certainly not of someone who has just turned 21 and is suffering from serious health ailments. Her mother recalls these statements and says that these words were a gift, a simple reminder that Claire is here to stay and would remain with the family forever, even after she is gone.


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