A Study Shows One in Three Fresher Get a Mental Disorder

Mental Disorder, Students

As per the new study which was done by the researchers, it said that the one in the three first-year university level students had got the report symptoms of the mental health disorder.

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This new study has investigated about the prevalence of the psychological disorders that includes all types of disease like mania, depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, substance use disorder as well as alcohol use disorder. This is among the freshers in about eight different industrialized countries.

This study is said to be the part of the World Health Organisation initiative, which was based on a series of web-based health surveys that are given to all the students who are within the few months of starting university-level education.

In this questionnaire, about 35 percent of students have completed the questionnaire that was reported to have suffered from at least one of the disorders in their life. It has also been seen that about 31 percent have suffered from over 12 month period which is before taking the survey. The major depression was said to be most of the common disorder which was followed by the anxiety as well as the median age of onset for the disorders which was just about 14.2 years of age.

This transition is from the high school or even secondary school to college or university which can be challenging. This was said by Randy Auerbach, who is studying the depression as well as a suicide at Columbia University. He is also the lead author on the paper which is now questions the student s in Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Northern, Spain, the US, South Africa, and Australia.

As per him, the rates at which the disorders are said to be alarmingly high, and it added to findings point to enormous public health problems. The true prevalence is said to be very high than the captured in this new study. It is because the scientists have kept their focus on only most of the common disorders.

Auerbach added by saying that they have found the disorders which are broadly distributed which his across the student population. It has suggested that the main that everyone need is to start understanding about the better understand about the mental disorders on the college campuses.

The findings of the study were published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. This gave a high prevalence of study among the adolescents as well as young adults in the UK.


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