A village in New Zealand, Omaui to ban pet cats

Omaui village, ban pet cats

A small village named Omaui in the coastal regions of New Zealand is divided over a proposed plan that will certainly ban residents from owning cats. The program that is the work of the regional conservation council environment southland is targeted at preserving the native wildlife and would not require the residents to give up on the cats that they already own, as stated by the daily reports.

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The residents will not be allowed to own any more cats if they already have one which means that the village’s cat population is doing to decline with the time. People who already have cats are advised to keep the cats spayed or make them neutered and are given the microchip ID. According to Ali Meade, who is a member of the environment Southland was reported saying that if you have a cat at home, it is okay and it can enjoy its life but when it dies naturally, you are not going to replace it with a new one.

Omaui village has a population of only 35 people in total and a total of seven or eight cats, as stated by the reports. The outlet noticed that the new residents are moving into the village and it is not permitted for them to get more cats with them to the village. Meade was reported saying that education and advocacy are the first things that would be taught to the cat owners who don’t follow the proposal. She was also reported saying that her group would assist people to re-home the pet cats outside the village if required.

The program is the larger aspect of the pest program that also consists of provisions targeted at curbing a wide spectrum of non-native plants and animals including the weasels, feral goats, and pigs, house mice, and hedgehogs. But, it is the proposed domestic cats that cause most of the controversy of them all.

Meade also told the reports that the environment Southland developed the proposal after working with the land care trust and also consulting with the local community as well. When she was asked that why the group didn’t require people to keep the cats indoors or within an enclosed boundary instead banning them, she said that a full ban was something that the community proposed altogether to the activists and so they are making efforts accordingly.


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