Apple and Salesforce to Team up For New Business App

Apple, new business App
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In the latest development, it has been seen that the cloud-based software maker SalesForce has announced about the strategic partnership along with the tech titan Apple to drive the new mobile apps for the business.

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The annual tech conference Dreamforce is scheduled to begin from Tuesday, which is billed as one of the largest tech conferences that are globally bringing together with a mix of thought leaders, partners, innovators as well as IT professionals.

The announcement of the Apple and Salesforce now brings the number one customer relationship management platform as well as iOS. The biggest direct result that will be coming out due to the collaboration will be redesigned as a native Salesforce app will be for iOS in the year 2019. Salesforce is also working with the Apple to implement the features that include Business Chat, Face ID as well as new-in-iOS-12 Siri shortcuts.

Siri is seemed to be having the large focus which is said to be at least on Apple side. As per Tim Cook, he said that they are now going to provide the sales app rep with the instant access for the things that are using with the voice instead of clicks as well as to go through the different apps. This looks like the people are now working in a change formant that makes the changing things for the better.

The two companies will also work together with the Salesforce Mobile SDK which has optimized with the Apple’s swift coding language. With the SDK, developers can now able to build the iOS apps which will be using the Salesforce Lighting platform that acts as a cloud backend. It will be around the 5 million developers which will be using this platform, as said by the Reuters. The new SDK will be launching by the end of 2018.

The conference that the Salesforce will be holding this year will be attended by more than 80 countries which are over 171,000 people. As per the statement from the two companies, it said that the Apple, Salesforce is now going under redesigning of the app to embrace the native mobile platform along with the exclusive new features like iOS.

This partnership will drive the apps as well as customer experience which is exclusive to the iPhone and iPad. The company is said to be launching Salesforce free web-based learning platform.


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