Apple Watch to Get Heart Rate Upgrade

Apple Watch, heart rate

On Wednesday, Apple has announced that the next version of the watch. It will b have an electrocardiogram sensor which means users can able to monitor heart activity which can identify with some potential abnormalities as well as health issues.

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This announcement has left the users with many questions than answers. This electrocardiogram is said to be shortened to an ECG or EKG. The Apple Watch has got an optical sensor to monitor the heart rate which is known as PPG. This is said to be short for photoplethysmogram. Heart rate usually gives the measurement of beats per minute. An EKG measures the electrical activity which is done by adding more dimensions to the rhythm which also provides a more in-depth picture of the heartbeat.

It has been seen in these years that the companies like AliveCor as well as iRhythm have been developing the portable single lead EKG devices. It can be more easily be used by the consumers who all are present at home. They are said to be smaller as well as easier to use than the standard test who have got into the hospital that has carried a 12-lead EKG. The sensor that is present in the Apple is similar to that.

This is not done with the Apple, as the Apple watch users now find out about the device that can able to detect the kind of arrhythmia which is called Atrial Fibrillation. It leads to cause heat stroke. It uses a watch heart rate sensor that can flash green LED lights which are about hundreds of times per second that have shined a light to detect the blood flow in the wrist. These algorithms are now used to determine the heart rhythms.

Till now it is said that FDA has cleared this device. The FDA is now waiting for Apple to submit the data to show the devices which are defined as by regulators and are those who are determined to get similar to another legally marketed device. In a statement which was published on Wednesday said that FDA is working closely with the Apple so that they can develop as well as can test the software of the product. This may help millions of users to identify the health concerns which is said to be held more quickly.

The company is said to have got the clearance which means that it is first of its kind to take a bit longer than the usual 510(K) process.


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