Astronauts Return To Earth From ISS Amid Russia-US Tensions

Astronauts Return To Earth

In the latest development, two American astronauts along with a Russian cosmonaut has returned to Earth on Thursday. On their return to Earth, they have wrapped up a six-month mission at the International Space Station or ISS. The return of astronauts from ISS came at a point when tensions are going on between Moscow and Washington.

As per sources, NASA astronauts Drew Feustel, and Ricky Arnold along with Russia cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev has touched down on Earth on Southeast of Kazakh town of Zhezkazgan at about 11:45 GMT.  This landing comes amid the US and Russia officials who all are investigating the appearance of the mysterious hole in the Russian spacecraft that was docked at the orbiting station.

The hole that has caused the leak of oxygen on ISS was detected in August. After the detection, the hole was then quickly sealed up to prevent more oxygen loss from the ISS.

According to Dmitry Rogozin, who is the chief of the Russian Space Agency, said that the investigators believed that this small hole which was found on the Russian spacecraft was done deliberately not any kind of manufacturing defects.

The official who was placed under the US sanctions for the Ukraine crisis in the year 2014 has also spoken about this. The official said that there is a problem in the Russian space agency cooperation with NASA which he had an attribute to interfere with the unnamed American officials.

During the last month, a Russian daily Kommersant has reported that the investigation on this matter shows that there is a possibility that US astronauts have deliberately drilled this hole so that the sick Russian cosmonaut will be called home. After this report published, the Russian officials later issued a statement in which they denied this fact.  

On Wednesday, ISS commander Futsal has come up with a suggestion in which it said that the crew has somehow got involved in this embarrassing incident. NASA has too expressed doubts over this theory that this hole that was detected was done for the sabotage.

When the crew of ISS touched Earth, they get out of their crafts with all smiles. Artemyev was first out from the descent module and then seen to tuck with fruit as well as a vegetable feast. This feast also included a giant cantaloupe melon in footage that was broadcasted by Roscosmos. He too has seen to sign a Thank You with his name on the craft in chalk.


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