Australia’s Most Common Health Ailment Is Mental Health

mental health

As per the new reports from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, it said that the Australians are now seeing the doctor to discuss the mental health ailments which are said to be more than any type of another issue.

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The report of the college’s 2018 Health of the Nation has said that they have released the findings on Wednesday. It has also been noted that they are increasing the out of pocket costs which are for the patients as well as they have raised with the same concerns. These things are also about the bulk billing rates which are despite having the federal government that says that there was a record in the number of Australians who all visits the doctors who are all without having the pay a cent.

As per the survey, it has been seen that about 1,500 GPs have ranked the psychological ailments which are said to be the most common cause for the visit of the patient which is about 62 percent. It was followed by the respiratory conditions which are about 45 percent and musculoskeletal issues which are about 43 percent along with the endocrine and metabolic problems that are 36 percent.

It has been seen that half of the GPs are now getting surveyed about the mental health which was the issue that causes them to most concern for the future. It has been ranked ahead of the obesity which is about 45 percent, diabetes which is about 18 percent, aged care as well as an aging population which is about 14 percent. When it comes to the drug addiction it comes to the 12 percent and chronic pain as well as palliative care is about 8 percent.

There are many concerns which are said to be largely in line which has been shown in the last year reports that promote the college to call the federal government to prioritize the mental health as well as obesity. They also argue for the improved access to care for the patients with the help of the Medicare rebates rankings.

It has been given that the mental health related visits are said to be a most common cause which is for the patient to see the doctor as they visit with the complex as the college is now calling for the increased funding for longer consultations.


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