Blockchain can Transform Healthcare IT


It has been seen that currently, Blockchain is said to be having the impact of the healthcare industry. It has git the potential to transform the healthcare by putting the patient at the centre of the healthcare ecosystem. This will increase the security along with the privacy as well as interoperability of the health data, as per the reports that consult firm Deloitte Consulting LLP.

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This type of technology can provide the new model for the health information exchanges which is by making the electronic medical records which are more efficient, secure as well as disintermediated, as said by the report. It is that the blockchain based tools can able to reduce the friction as well as costs of the current intermediaries, a study said.  This will help to connect fragmented systems to generate the insights as well as for the better assessment of the value of the care.

When it goes for the long-term process, the nationwide blockchain network is for electronic medical records that might improve the efficiencies as well as support with better health outcomes for patients, as said by the firm. Some experts are skeptical about the blockchain’s role in healthcare.

As per Martha Bennett, who is the principal analyst at Forrester Research said that there are few true proof points, but there is the lot of talks which is about very little about the how the particular when they look at the scaled out operationalized processes.

Bennett added by saying that it will be adding transparency to the processes when it comes to the claims or drug prescribing or many other things. This is a key area in which the blockchain can able to apply as this process is said to be the most successful process that is needed in the ecosystem partners which willing to collaborate.

Good use of the case is that it has got some few cases with confidentiality which is like healthcare provider information. To track to the returned medicines, it is also a promising use of the case.

As per RJ Krawiec, who is the principal customer strategy as well as applied design at Deloitte, said that there are two inherent challenges with the health data. One is about the health data that is often sensitive as well as it needs to be kept as private.  The other advantages are to have the more data when it is asses with a current problem or even the health state.


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