Browsing history stolen by the most sold Mac-App

Browsing history stolen, Apple mac

According to the recent updates the Mac users are all made aware that they must be careful while installing the applications as it is found that a very well-known advertisement blocker app is stealing the browsing history f the people and yet Apple has been unable to take recent steps to bring the matter to an end.

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One of the top paid applications of the Mac named as the Adware Doctor is sending some secretive information to the servers in China and this is just against the privacy policy which is laid by the Mac series and the company. Thus, a blog was put out by a veteran security researcher of the apple company named Patrick Wardle which explained, in brief, the company’s concerns regarding the matter. And the person is now distributing the free software for the Mac users so that their privacy is maintained and this is being done in one of the official websites of the company.

The blog post which was put out by the company said that “Undeniably there is a major issue that has arisen now and this has to be faced unanimously with the cooperation of the Mac users as well. The information which is being interfered by the application can reveal some serious aspect of the lifestyle that user has and thus major steps will be taken by the company so that the users’ interests are protected.”

It is strongly recommended that the Mac users should essentially avoid using the application as of now and if users have the application already installed on their gadgets, then it is recommended that the app must be uninstalled so that they can avoid providing access to their own personal life in the form of the browsing history. The flaw was first tracked by some privacy expert named John Maxx who posted a video on this topic in the YouTube.


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