China Says its all-new Satellite Will Spy on Ocean Temperatures

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The United States, as well as Russia, are said to be the two biggest space superpowers, and they are holding it over a half a century. Now China is seemed to be trying to go past them as the country is now seemed to be closing the gap between these countries. The recent example is the launch of Long March-2C rocket.

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This rocket has taken off from the Taiyuan space center in north China. The rocket has carried a powerful new observational satellite that can gaze back on Earth surface. But this mission is not to strength the China’s military capability, but it will be used to study the temperatures of the oceans, as per Chinese officials.

China’s state-run Xinhua news agency said in its statement that the Long March-2C rocket has successfully got deployed by the country’s Haiyang 1C satellite (HY-1C). This new piece of hardware was said to be built as a multi-purpose device that is packed with the suite of instruments which will allow China to gather the data as well as the ocean temperatures for all the scientific purposes.

As per the statement by Xinhua, it said that the data would be used in this survey of the resources as well as the environment of China’s offshore waters, coastal zones, islands, sustainable utilization of ocean resources as well as marine disaster relief. The satellite’s mission is said to be about five years and will provide the wealth of the data which is said to be over its lifespan. The satellite is said to be capable of even detecting the makeup of the ocean water in various areas, as per China. It will allow the country a better gauge of the health of the fish populations which are said to be important to a nation.

The new satellite has got the power which is said to give its benefits which stretch beyond the science. China has long been in the dispute along with the neighboring countries which are over the ownership of the locations in the South China Sea as well as the satellite’s ability to monitor the coastal waters, and it can even detect the signal from the ocean vessels.

China is very protective about the waters off the coasts as well as the recent US Anvy flight which was repeatedly warned by the Chinese military to leave it despite flying over what is said to be international waters.


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