Cosmic Rays Shooting from Ground in Antarctica Can Break Physics


It has been now seen that researchers are now arguing that the decade-old experiment which may have been furnished like the first evidence of this new type of particle. This has been evaded by detection of most sophisticated particle which accelerators for years.

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In the year 2006, NASA affiliated researchers have launched Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA), which is a balloon experiment that means to observe high energy particles that shower the Earth from Space, which is known as cosmic rays. During ANITA’s flight, the instruments that are placed on it can able to observed something that physicists can’t even explain till now.  In addition to detecting the cosmic rays from space, ANITA has also detected the cosmic rays that seem to be shooting from the ground. This was detected as the high altitude balloon that is drifted over the Antarctic ice sheet.

A group of researchers on Tuesday has led to the Pennsylvania State University physicist Derek Fox. It has posted a new theory of the upward shooting cosmic rays to arXiv which suggests that there could have the evidence of this particle which lies beyond the Standard Model. As per Fox as well as colleagues, it will be the first evidence of the particle which is beyond the Standard Model of Physics that is the most accurate description of the universe that humans have ever known.

This first ANITA mission which has launched from the McMurdo base in Antarctica in December 2006. The experiment that flew with an altitude of about 120,000 feet where it has spent a month drifting which is over Antarctica. This was equipped with the sensors which were designed to detect the pulses of the radiation that is produced when the ultra-high energy neutrinos have nearly a massless particle along with a no electric charge. They will interact with the Antarctic ice sheet.

During 1960, the Soviet physicist Gurgen Askaryan has theorized with a high energy particle that is interacted with the dense dielectric medium. It is a type of insulating material which does not conduct any type of electricity; It will produce the shower as a secondary charged particles whose radiation can able to get detected by the standard radio antennas. This type of interaction is known as the Askaryan effect, which will allow the physicists to detect the particles which can hardly get interact with the normal matter.


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