Cow in Florida tested positive for the mad cow disease

Mad cow disease, Cow in Florida

A cow in Florida is now diagnosed with a new form of disease known as the mad cow disease, the sixth that will be given confirmation by the U.S. it is certainly the first case in Florida since it has been diagnosed in the mid 1980s after the outbreak in Europe that was blamed for infecting the human population with brain disorder.

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Initially, the infection was identified as a national surveillance effort, and so it never entered the food chain, and it does not pose any health risk to humans, as stated by the state agriculture officials on Wednesday. The six-year-old cow of the mixed breed was tested positive for a typical bovine spongiform encephalopathy. The officials were reported saying that dissimilar to the classical type of the disease that spread by contaminated feed made by the infected animals, the atypical form of the disease generally appears rarely.

It has not known why the disease was caused and causes this kind of atypical version; this is a type of disease that takes up the older cattle. The cow, when sent for tests, came out with positive results as a part of the surveillance system that checks the animals that are not suitable for slaughter, as stated by the state press release. The investigation is under a process that is conducted by the state and federal agriculture officials.

Germany’s national health institute where the mad cow has been kept captivated by reports that the atypical form of the disease can be transmitted to the humans if people eat the cow meat undercooked. The atypical version of the disease is likely the cause of infected feed that spreads the classical form, as stated by a study. This cow disease has been associated with the form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease which is a rare and degenerative disorder of the brain that appears in the older population. It is considered that the disease is transmitted in a Prion which is a small protein that is smaller than the virus that can cause several abnormalities in the cow’s brain, as stated by the Zoo Miami veterinarian Frank Ridgley.

More than 90 cases of the atypical disease had been documented by the year 2014, as stated by the German reports. In the U.S alone, the cattle are slaughtered before the age at which the mad cow disease is detected, he added.


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