Dark Matter Present in Universe Got Surveyed by Hyper Suprime-Cam


As per the international group of researchers, which includes a Carnegie Mellon University’s Rachel Mandelbaum was released its deepest wide field of the map of the three-dimensional distribution of matter which is in the universe. It was said to be ever made, and they increased in the precision of constraints which is for dark energy along with the Hyper Suprime-Cam survey (HSC).

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It has been said that the universe has been now expanded to over about 14 billion years or more. The galaxies along with the dark matter seem to be increasingly drawn together which is by gravity or to create a clumpy landscape which comes with the large aggregates of matter. They can be separated by voids where there is said to be little or no matter.

This gravity is said to be pulling the matter which is together, and they also impact about how they can observe astronomical objects. When the light travels from a distant galaxy which is towards the Earth, the gravitational pull of the matter is in the path. This includes the dark matter as they bend the light too.

The result of this, the images that the telescopes take of the galaxies are seen to be slightly distorted. The phenomenon is known as weak gravitational lensing. It is a great amount of information about the distortions that the researchers can be seen to get a better understanding level of the distribution of this matter that is present in the universe. This also provides some clues about the dark matter or energy.

It has been seen that the HSC map has created a data that is gathered by Japan’s Subaru telescope which is located in Hawaii. It allows the researchers to measure the gravitational distortion in the images of about 10 million galaxies.

This Subaru telescope is said to be allowing them to see the galaxies which are further back in time than in any other similar surveys. The team of researchers has compared the map with the fluctuations that have predicted by the European Space Agency Planck Satellite’s observations of the cosmic microwave background radiation. These measurements were said to be slightly lower than but they still statistically consistent with the Planck’s. The reality is that HSC along with other weak lensing surveys have found all the lower results which  Planck raises with the tantalizing questions about the dark energy that truly behaves like the Einstein’s cosmological constant.


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