Discharged Mental Health Patients get The High Risk of Death

discharged mental health

In the recent study, it said that the people who have all got the mental health problems are at high risk of dying from unnatural causes. This causes by be any type that includes suicide too. These things may take place after the mental patients get discharged from the hospital, as per new research.

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It has been seen that this kind of patients is about 38 times more likely to die due to the fatal poisoning. They are said to be about 90 times which is more likely to perish due to the drugs overdose than any other general population, which has been said by the new study.

The experts said that the difficulties have some of the people who have got some serious mental illness who have to adjust the life after the spell of the inpatient care. They are likely to explain the higher death rate which exists among the group if the vulnerable patients. These patients are seen to be at very high risk of dying after they get discharged from the hospitals or up to 3 months. These new study findings are founded by the team of researchers which is led by Prof Roger Webb, who is an academic in Manchester University’s center for mental health as well as safety.

The newly discharged patients are said to be with psychological or psychiatric conditions which are said to be about 32 times more likely to kill themselves than any other people who have not been admitted, as they have found. It is also found that they are about 41 times more likely to die due to the self-poisoning as well as about 15 times more likely to die any type of unnatural death.

Webb added by saying that the post-discharged period usually represents the particular risky transition which is due to the people who all are returning to the living in the community as well as they often do in the same or similar circumstances to the point. They are said to be very ill as a result they need to get admitted to an inpatient unit.

These things are said to be giving experience for the people when they usually have the experience discharge from the inpatient unit for the very first time. As per Andy Bell, patients who all treated in the psychiatric unit that is outside the home area are said to be more likely to die after the discharge.


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