Domestic Egg production of India might touch 100 billion annually

Domestic Egg Production of India

It is seen that the eggs have got the history that is riddled by controversies. They are also said to be cholesterol-rich food which is perished for a decade. But as per the recent studies, it has been said that they are back to the notion about the parents as well as grandparents who all have advised against it.

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The egg might have to get the health status, but at the same time, it too has got the controversial nature. But now it is seen that these eggs are going to touch about 100 million annually. Earlier it was 90 billion per year, as said by the reports. It seems that the poultry firm is now growing rapidly as well as it has got organized, as said by the government on Friday.

According to the Minister of State of Agriculture, Parshottam Rupala, who was addressing a conference on the eve of World Egg Day, said that the poultry sector is said to be growing rapidly as well as they help in contributing the country’s food security.

On this event, the secretary of Agriculture Tarun Shridhar said that the country’s poultry sector is said to be estimated at Rs 1 lakh crore. He added by saying that the production of the egg is said to be now up from 90 billion to 100 billion per year.

Tarun said that it had been seen that the poultry sector was said to be growing at 6 percent per year. To improve the export markets, the industry is too getting organized in a great manner. Currently, the availability for the one person per year is about 70 eggs. But as per the National Nutrition Institute, this should be about 180 eggs per person.

As per the International Egg Committee (IEC) as well as The World Egg Organisation (WEO) claims that India is said to be the Fastest Growing Egg Produced in the World. The committees have said that India has got the total egg production volume towards 3 billion per year.

Madeley added by saying that India is now the fastest growing egg producers in the world. India is said to be adding about 3 billion eggs per year, but now China is said to be the world’s no egg producing country in the world which accounts about 35 percent of the global production.

As per Chitturi, it is expected that Indian egg consumption is said to go up by three times by 2040.


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