eHealth for Rural India Now May Be Available


In the latest development, the scientists who are at the New Delhi-based Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB), Dr. Anurag Agrawal is said to be pondering between the links that lie between the genes as well as lung disease.

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In the year of 2013 during the winter months, he has started to say that this was said to be what will happen if the shipping containers will collect as well as the records of the health of the people.

In Uttar Pradesh, one container is said to be on the way to the village. Villagers can able to gain to access to the paramedic along with the deposit of blood samples as well as some qualified doctor who advise them by the monitor. They can submit a cardiogram who have a doctor which look within the days as well as they sound an alert.

The IGIB is said to be one of the 39 state-funded Council for the Scientific as well as Industrial Research laboratories. In a government establishment, it is said to be having a limited scope to expand. Since five years ago, IGIB is said to be partnered with Narayan Health (NH) which is said to be a renowned Indian multi-specialty hospital chain. The American IT giant Hewlett-Packard to install more than 40 such eHealth centers that are present in various parts of the country.

It is now seen that the NG networks are now said to be using the shipping containers which is said to be the part of the rural health outreach. This includes electronic medical records (EMR) which is a biometric patient identification as well as integrated diagnostic devices. This new HP cloud-enabled technology is said to be allowed to monitor the clinical as well as administrative data.

It is said now that when it comes to the field of radiology, telemedicine has said to be the main game changer. It is said to be possible for the remote eHealth centers to beam MRIs or even cardiograms who all are well equipped with the hospitals who are in the cities, as per the experts.  

According to Ajoy Khandheria, who is CEO of Gramin Health Care (GHC) said in a statement that the startup in India now provides health services in underserved areas. It is believed that rural India is the point in which the potential of providing affordable health care can be maximized.


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