Elon Musk gave some revealing look of SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket

SpaceX big Falcon Rocket

In the recent development, it is seen that Elon Musk decision for taking Tesla Private into space by becoming the first flight for tourist to Moon is very significant. Musk has said to be maintaining a healthy presence about himself as well as Tesla in timelines.

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As per the tweet of Elon Musk in his official Twitter, said that the company is said to be taking the big steps which are said to be the company is now taking big steps towards the future space missions. As per the images that the company has tweeted, the images of the Big Falcon Rocket or BFR along with the SpaceX’s Mars Base Alpha.

In a statement, Musk has said to be announced to the Big Falcon Rocket in September 2017. He had said that the two BFR cargo missions to Mars which will take place by 2022. It looks like this image is said to be the hint towards the same.

As per the Tesla chief, they have got the ambitions for the SpaceX which will help in transport people to the moon. As per the report, SpaceX has said to be posted the intention of the Moon Base Alpha which is said to be on Instagram handle, but after some time they took it down.

On September 2018, SpaceX has named the first private passenger as Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa, who is the founder as well as chief executive of online fashion retailer Zozo.

When it comes to the new details, SpaceX’s rocket construction who have got since March. Musk has posted a photo which has revealed that SpaceX was building the spacecraft which uses a 40 foot long along with the 30-foot wide cylindrical tool.

When it comes to the BFR fabrication, it is designed to be a 39 story launch system which has made of two parts that are 180-foot tall spaceship as well as the 230-foot tall rocket booster. As per Musk, it has been said that it is the hardest part of the system which will be built so, for now, SpaceX has been making a prototype design for the first time.

The vision of Musk is to launch the spaceship into the orbit as it will refuel it when it circles the Earth. After that, the ship can fire the engine to go for the Mars and land on it.


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