Elon Musk’s SpaceX Announces the New Plan for around the Moon trip

Elon Musk, SpaceX

SpaceX Company which is headed by Elon Musk on Friday has announced about the newly signed up for the first passenger for the flight which will go around the moon. This step is said to be a giant step towards the commercializing space travel.

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The company has said that the person’s identity will get revealed on 17th September in the official Twitter page of the company. When he was asked that whether he will be the first passenger, then he posted an emoji of a Japanese flag.

The company has already announced about the new plan to launch the tourist around the Moon. This will be done by using the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). It is a massive launch vehicle that can be designed to carry the people into deep space.

In the Twitter page, it has written that the SpaceX has now signed the world’s first private passenger who will fly around the Moon abroad in BFR launch vehicle. This signed is said to be an important step towards the access for the everyday people who dream of traveling to space, as per company statement.

Apart from this, the company has not given any type of further details about the mission and said that there would be an official announcement on Monday about this. Since 1972, humans have not set foot on the Moon after the Apollo mission.

In the year 2017, SpaceX has announced that it will be sending world’s forts two tourists to the moon in the later part of the year 2018. This plan includes a ride for them on a Dragon crew vehicle which is said to be similar to the cargo ships. These ships are usually used to send the cargo supplies to the International Space Station.  This rocket would have been aboard a Falcon Heavy rocket.

Till now only 24 people have been ever to the moon. SpaceX has now had an about $1.6 billion contract with NASA. It will help to supply the astronauts who live in the ISS which is via regular cargo trips on the Dragon spaceship. The BFR which is the latest SpaceX rocket has got a powerful launch vehicle which will come with 31 engines as well as the capacity to lift about 150 tons to space.  In a speech by Musk, he said that BFR might get launch in the year 2022.


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