Evan Antin from America is out to help exotic animals

Dr. Evan Antin,
image source - Business Insider

Dr. Evan Antin was once cuddling a sloth at the Wildlife Learning Center in California, and it is then when his patience and calming personality was noticed. He patiently fed the sloth with bananas when the sloth continuously kept purring on his lap, and this is the attitude that will help Evan get along with the animals from around the world. Dr. Evan has a million Instagram followers, and he is a renowned wildlife advocate, and he loves it when he is called with this recognition.

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Antin is a 33-year-old internet sensation after he was mentioned as the sexiest men alive in people’s magazine in the year 2014. Since that day, his fans from across the globe have been following him everywhere. He loves to travel and take care of the exotic and wild animals worldwide, and he also works in the south California Valley Veterinary Hospital at Conejo.

He keeps himself motivated to go on travel and treat animals across the globe with his social media followers and the way they support him to keep up with the good work. His basic motivation is to raise awareness and educate people about the animal welfare as he is the basic motto is to work with animals that are in distress and help them get back to good health. He diagnoses, treats and gives medication to the wildlife in the remote areas when he is traveling, and he is especially active in the regions where veterinary help is not available.

When he was asked about his interest and passion, he said, he has a soft corner for animals, and he tries to help them whenever he can. He was brought up in Kansas, and while growing up, he was passionate about the turtles, snakes, and other insects that he found in his backyard. He was attracted towards insects as a kid. He liked playing sports and later he made his studies in zoology that made him closer to the animals and birds. From then, there was no turning back for him. He completed his studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and began as a business major, but later he realized he is more interested towards the medicine line and surgeries. He thought to become a human doctor, but later he drew his attention towards becoming a veterinarian and animal specialist.


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