Ex-Apple health project manager says health tech needs the slow and deliberate approach

slow and deliberate

As per an ex-Apple employee, who was the part of the company’s recent special health projects has said about the Apple approach to the health tech. He added by saying that like other tech companies, Apple doesn’t go the same approach in order to develop the health tech for their own products.

Robin Goldstein, who is an ex-Apple employee who was in Apple for about 22 years and served as the senior manager of special health projects. In the comments sections, as per Goldstein argues about the Silicon Valley as they don’t prefer the fast fail approach which can be seen as the popular way to approach towards health tech by many tech companies.

He added by saying that this is kind of the mindset that brings to the Silicon Valley. If you have got a bad product or even the poor user experience who does not have any type of ramifications that is beyond the particular product or even the experience as they can always wipe the slate clean in order to start again.

As per him, he believes that there are only three reasons about the fats fail strategy that will not work when it comes to innovation of the health tech space.

The first things are about the health products which is the current crop that is primarily focused on diagnosing, managing illness and screening as well as from disease. But for this, you need to be specific as most of the people have got a busy life.

The next thing about it is the digital health products required a health care provider which will be for required for the user also. If you are using a health-related device or even an app then it does not stop there. The user must be close to the loop with some good action.

The next one is the first impressions of the healthcare. They will be adopting some new technologies along with the marketplace that performs some kind of calculus which evaluates as well as perceived with the benefit, cost, maturity or even history.

It has been seen that Apple has been working steadily on the building momentum on the software side which is by developing the partnerships along with the healthcare systems via Health records.  The factors that are said by Goldstein may affect the health product launch.


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