Experts Opinion About The Eating Of Pistachios


One can find some shelled green nuts in all places. But still, it is unclear as some think that these shelled green nuts are healthy while others don’t think that.

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In the recent study that was done by the researchers on Pistachios, it was found that they are packed with number vitamins, nutrients as well as minerals which includes beta-carotene, vitamin b6, thiamine, potassium, phosphorous, fiber as well as magnesium. When this nut is compared with the other nuts, they are said to be high in carotenoids which are a type of antioxidant that helps in reducing the risk of the chronic disease as well as it helps in improving the heart health, as said by the registered dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick.

As per the Melissa Majumdar, who is the spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, one can also be able to eat a lot in just one serving, which is said to be about one ounce or about 49 pistachios. When it is compared with other nuts, this nuts is said to be having a lot of nuts which is per one-ounce serving.

Both of the raw, as well as roasted pistachios, has got a lot of fat which is about 13 grams. It is said to be about 17 percent of the daily total as it is monounsaturated fat which is a heart-healthy type. It can able to help to lower the levels of the bad cholesterol as they are said to be the good source of the protein.

When it comes to the nuts, it is said that all the nuts are very healthy as they got plant-based protein, monounsaturated and fiber along with polyunsaturated fat, as said by the Kirkpatrick. The studies on the components alone have suggested that these nuts, as well as seeds of all varieties, can able to improve the health.

Majumdar said that the pistachios could too help in reducing the blood pressure as they are due for the monounsaturated fatty acids along with the phytosterols along with high fiber. They also contain lutein, tocopherols as well as beta-carotene that can be used to reduce the systematic inflammation.

Another research done by another team of researchers shows that the findings that they have got after the research is that it acts as a prebiotic or the food that is used for the gut bacteria in the body.


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