Facebook to Bring Unveil Portal Chat Device with the Video Camera which Follows You

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In the recent development, Facebook’s long-rumored plans to enter into the consumer hardware space with the launching of the smart speaker which is known as Portal.

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As per the new reports, the social giant is now said to be all set to unveil the first video chat device which is known as Portal next week that is expected to cost at the maximum cost $400. The new device Portal will be coming to the market in the two screen sizes as the Amazon Alexa voice assistant powers it. It was reported that Facebook would be announcing this new device in mid-2018. With bringing this device, Facebook now seems to compete with Google, Apple as well as Amazon in smart speaker space.

As per the new report which is from the Cheddar, it claims that the Facebook will be unveiling this device as early as next week. It has got some similar features which are like Amazon Echo Show. It will have a display as well as the camera which is for video chatting purposes as well as facial recognition. This report states that the Portal will come in about two screen sizes as well as with the large device which will be priced at around $400.

The Facebook has gone through the series of the privacy issues. SO, in the wake of the new privacy work, the report said that the Portal would have a privacy shutter that can able to cover the device-wide angles video camera that can use artificial intelligence to recognize the people who are present in the frame. It can too follow them as they can able to move throughout the room. The shutter was said to be developed by the Facebook who has recently got embroiled in the Russian political controversy.

As per the developer and tipster, Jane Manchun Wong has now spotted a code for the system in the Messenger apps as well as Facebook. This code shows that a product which is known as Aloha Voice Testing in which the users can able to translate the text in a message thread, as per Techcrunch.

This new feature can able to get work on the core Facebook app, as well as the Messenger app which can also support the external WiFi or Bluetooth devices.  She also discovered the Aloho logo in the code.


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