FAIR Health to release state by state visualizations of opioid abuse

Fair health

As per the FAIR Health which has released an online interactive heat map at fairhelath.org. This map shows the new findings on opioid abuse as well as the dependence of diagnoses along with the procedure for each of the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.

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This innovative has been issued in the construction along with the white paper on the region as well as on state variations in opioid-related treatment. It allows the Americans that are present throughout the country to see the snapshot of this opioid crisis which is particular in the state or across the states.

It has been seen that a national, nonprofit and independent organization is trying to bring the transparency to the healthcare costs as well as health insurance information. FAIR Health has created a visualization which is by drawing the data from the database which is more than 26 billion privately billed as medical as well as dental claim records that date back to the year 2002. This is said to be the nation’s largest repository of private healthcare claims. By using this, the national heat map represents the opioid abuse as well as dependence claim that lines as a percentage of total medical claim lines by the year 2017.

This can be done by clicking on the state displays which is an infographic for the state in the year 2017. This infographic includes the top five procedures which are associated with the opioid abuse as well as on dependence by utilization as well as an aggregate cost like methadone administration, group psychotherapy as well as naltrexone injection. The lists of procedures are said to be from state to state. The infographic shows the percentages of the opioid abuse as well as dependence diagnoses which is by age group as well as gender present in the state.

This white paper which comes by the releases of the heat map is said to be the fourth in the series of this studies. The FAIR Health has released this study on the opioid epidemic. The first white paper is examined in the national trends that are in the epidemic. The second one is about the impact of this epidemic on the healthcare system. The third is about the geographic variations that are present in the epidemic. It can able to create the customized States with the help of Numbers data analysis as well as visualizations to meet the needs of stakeholders.


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