Ferrari sold for $48 Million, becoming the most expensive auctioned car


The car that was considered as the most sought-after of all the collections in the world for a long time, the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO was out of auction on Saturday night for the total of $48 million. After the car got sold, it was termed as the most expensive car that got sold at the auction. The super sleek and fast car was brought to the salesroom of RM Sotheby in Monterey, Calif and it was driven by the race car British driver Derek Bell.

When Derek came out of the car, the bidding of the chassis #3413 went straight up to $35 million. Three of the collectors called into the auction to compete with each other and making the price go up to $44 million in only a matter of 10 minutes. Including the overall fees, the auction price of the car was estimated to be $48.405 million at the end.

However, the buyer’s name was kept hidden from the media. This time, the amount of the auctioned car was recorded to be higher by $10 million as compared to the previous one. In the year 2014, another car the Ferrari GTO, Chassis #3851 and the 15th built was auctioned for a total of $38.115 million by the Bonhams.

No matter what, the car could not be claimed to be the most expensive car in the world. There were reports that another Ferrari GTO recently got fetched at $70 million this year through a private auction. The Ferrari GTO that was sold at $48 million has a long list of famous owners in its history, and the first user of this car was Phil Hill. Phil was given this car as a test car for the road race in 1962 Targa Florio in Sicily that he used it for two years before proceeding it further.

Later, the car was in the hands of Edoardo Lualdi-Gabardi who was an Italian driver who won the titles of 1962 Italian National GT Championship winning nine out of ten races. After which, the car was owned by some of the British and Japanese car lovers including Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones, the former CEO of L’Oreal.

The GTO was brought to the US when the chairmen of Numerix and former chief software architect of Microsoft, purchased it around 20 years ago. There has been a long list of GTO owners, and the list will keep adding more names in the future as well.


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