FF health spokesman don’t know alcohol causes cancer

alcohol causes cancer

The spokesman of Fianna Fail Health, Stephen Donnelly, has said that it was told that the Dail was unaware about the link that exists between the alcohol as well as cancer when has first heard of this proposal that includes the cancer warnings on the alcohol products.

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It has been said that Mr Donnelly had questioned about the proposal until he has done some research as well as the results that they have got back which has got back to shook me. He said by adding that about 500 people per year die due to the alcohol-related cancers. This cancer is said to be about three times the number of people who all die on the roads. This number is said to be the huge amount of investment as they are the warnings.

He added by saying that the idea that they are in this area of rashers which have burnt the most or that you have to be the drinking about 10 pints a day which is said to be not true.

When the Wicklow TD was speaking about this at that time, Dail debated about the controversial Public Health (alcohol) bill. They have retained the amendment that was agreed in the Seanad to put the cancer warning son all alcohol products. In the end, there was no vote as it has been seen that few about 10 TDs has pressed for voting.

This new Bill originally said to be expected to be passed on Wednesday night. This is now set to continue after the long time which is then expected on the debate on the cancer warnings.

The Dail has accepted an amendment in the duty-free alcohol which is for sale at the airports which would be exempt from the label warnings. But in that place posters will be put up to raise awareness.

TDs has also said to be agreed on a Sinn Fein amendments to collect the data from the hospitals which are on the number of beds that are taken due to alcohol-related illness. This will help in informing the public health policy.

The House has agreed to the Irish language warnings which would be included in advertising and on the HSE on the website which is not an alcohol product labels. As per the Minister for Health Simon Harris in the last week said that they would introduce an amendment to remove the specific cancer warnings on labels.


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