First Bioelectric Medicine Demonstrated by Researchers

Bioelectric medicine

In the recent invention, the team of researchers who are from Northwestern University, as well as Washington University of School of Medicine, are said to develop a new medicine. The medicine that they have developed is said to be the first example of bioelectronics medicine which is an implantable biodegradable wireless device.

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The medicine is said to speed up the nerve regeneration as well as it can improve the healing of the damaged nerve. A device which was developed by the material scientists along with engineers at Northwestern at Washington University gives out regular pulses of electricity to all damaged peripheral of nerves. This regular pulses which are given after the repair process can accelerate the growth of the nerves in the legs as well as they can enhance the ultimate recovery of muscle strength as well as control. This experiment was carried on a rat.

The experiment which was run for about ten weeks shows that the amount of simulation was said to be more effective at able to restore the muscle strength. They can able to recover the nerve signals as well as muscle strength which was said to be more rapid as well as complete.  

As per the scientists, they said that this type of device will be useful in the future and can able to replace some pharmaceutical treatments for medical conditions in humans. This treatment that the researchers are experimenting is said to be the biodegradable medicine which can provide the therapy as well as treatment.

According to John A. Rogers, who is the co-senior author of this study as well as a pioneer in bio-integrated technologies said that this new device gives active, treatments in a programmable format. This device after some days get disappear into the body itself and does not leave any kind of trace about itself. This all-new approach is said to open ways to think about the alternative options to go beyond chemistry and drugs.

It has been usually seen that the electronic devices that are used in the treatment now are implanted in the body surgically. If they start to do malfunction or their battery die down, then the patient needs to go for the surgery as there is no other way. So, this new biodegradable medicine is said to be the perfect search as they get dissolve in the body itself, and there is no risk of going for surgery.


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