First Lion Cubs Conceived by Artificial Insemination in SA

Lion Cubs Conceived

Two lion cubs who are seen to be playing with each other at a conservation centre which is present outside of South Africa’s capital Pretoria. But these cubs which are present in South Africa are said to be unique cubs, and they justify this tag which was inferred on them.

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As per the announcement which was done from the University of Pretoria, the scientists who all have been researching about the reproductive system of the female lions has issued a statement. These two cubs are the first ever lion cubs which will be born with the help of artificial insemination. These two cubs are the first ever pairs in the world.

According to Andre Ganswindt, who is the director of the University of Pretoria’s mammal research institute, said that these two cubs which are a male and the other are a female is born on 25th August. They are healthy as well as normal. This news came from the institute after 18 months of intensive trials. Ganswindt said that they had collected this sperm from a healthy lion. After that when the lioness hormone levels were found out to be viable, she then inseminated artificially.

Ganswindt added by saying that this test that they have carried out in the lioness has luckily got succeed. They have done several attempts, but they didn’t have taken much effort.  He too said that they are now trying to repeat this experiment as scientists hope this technique which can be used to save other endangered big cats.

It has been said that Lions have got extinct in about 26 African countries as well as numbers in the wild which have plummeted that is 43 per cent over the last two decades. As per the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said that there are only 20,000 left which lists the lion as a vulnerable animal.

The findings of this study are being done by Isabel Callealta, who is the Spanish Veterinarian as well as the PhD student who is at the University of Pretoria. Callealta has now trained the lions in such a way that they can lie next to the fence. They would freely give blood samples to the researchers just by lying in front of them. This assesses the perfect time for insemination.

This research was said to be carried out at the Ukutula Conservation Center, which is about 80 Km northwest of Pretoria in South Africa’s North West Province.


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