Fitbit introduces Connected Health Platform which Can Make life Better

Fitbit, health Platform

It has been seen that generally, the employers with the health plans have always got a tough time getting the employees as well as plan members who get motivated to get the healthy life. This new trick is now making them about what they want to do now.

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Fitbit is doing this with the help of its wearable as well as acquired assets which have got some compelling tools for moving people towards the healthy lifestyles. These lifestyles include wearable devices, data as well as services. It has been seen that with the company’s executives, the plans to have an integrated digital health platform will be back in June. It has been seen that Fitbit has got bundled with the pieces which are together into an integrated offering that it calls as Fitbit Care.

This shows that it will represent the Fitbit’s attempt to find out about more revenues which have got with some large employers as well as health plans and health providers. They seem to depend entirely on direct to consumer sales of fitness trackers along with smartwatches. The Health Solutions business will be delivering less than 10 of the company’s revenues, but Fitbit will be addressing the real as well as the widespread need that will help in improvement of the health as well as reduce health care costs.

It has been seen that Fitbit will be consist of some important parts. The first thing is all about wearables in which we can able to track all the things that we usually do all day long starting from sleep to walking.

The next thing is about the social tools. The company has developed to help the people to keep moving as well as keep them motivated.

The last thing is all about providing the technical problem for the coaching as well as getting coach itself. It can be done with the help of the app or via the phone. This can be helpful ineffective for weight management or even tobacco session.

It has been seen that Fitbit Care is holding the offer in the form of the bundled subscriptions which offers right now mainly to the large employers as well as health plans which they want to drive down the costs as well as they improve the outcomes. The current customer that the company has announced is the health insurer Humana.


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