Global Warming increases the risk of a landslide triggered Tsunami

According to the new research, the glaciers have triggered a ripple effect which can give rise to the natural disaster that culminates some massive tsunamis. It has been seen that ice provides the support for the rocky slopes or the temperatures rise as well as ice retreats if it is increasing the risk of hazardous landslides.

The problem is like to get exacerbated with the icy coastlines of the Greenland, Patagonia as well as on Norway. At these places, it has been seen that some huge chunks of rock get smashed to the water that can create the towering waves.

Earlier in the year 2015, on Alaska’s Tyndall Glacier has sent over 180 million tonnes of rock into the sea, as a result, the tsunami-like wave got generated. The wave then reaches the surrounding cost which is nearly about 200m high which is said to be the highest ever water height that has been recorded. This type of events has got the capability to pose a threat for the landslide.

As per a team which was led by Alaska-based researcher Dr. BretwoodHigman, he has collected the data from the site of 2015 tsunami with the help of traces that are left by this event. The scientists said that the deposits of the wood fragments, rocks as well as soil which is up to several meters have formed a distinctive footprint. It can be helped to assess the emerging problem.

In this research, whose results are published in the journal Scientific Reports, the authors have described the importance of monitoring the events in order to understand as well as prepare the same for the future.  They added by saying that the landslide, as well as tsunami, can be predicted by the glacial retreat at Taan Fiord that represents the hazard occasioned due to the change in climate.

This kind of landslides can be more often get expected that to produce the tsunamis as water bodies were about to grow as well as extended landward and closer to steep mountain slopes.

It has been seen that many of the locations in which the tsunamis are likely to take place which is remote and they are increased in order to serve in the forms of the magnets for the tourists as well as developers. These landslide-triggered tsunamis are now worrying the residents of the polar regions.


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