Google now Restricts Android Apps from Accessing Personal Data

Google, Restrict Android App

Google now seems to be controlling all its products as well as services after Google+ has suffered the security breach which has led to the shutdown.

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From the beginning of this week, it has been seen that Google is taking some strict actions to ensure proper user privacy. Apart from shutting of Google+, the company has now announced some major changes in all Android apps.

As per the new policies which are now levied by the company, it said that the company now restricts Android apps from unnecessarily accessing your data. This restriction of permission is for accessing SMS, Gmail as well as call logs.

In India, some of the popular payments apps like Paytm, BookMyShow, Mobikwik, GoIbibo, JioTv, Swiggy, Zomato, and many more other apps fall under the category. They ask the users to allow the apps to access the contacts, call list, and even messages.

Google’s Project Probe has come with the same findings of this things. The observations that are seen by the auditors has compelled the company to shut down Google Plus. Now it is seen that there are some of the major changes that were done by the Android apps handle user.

In the blog post that the company has posted has said that Google has restricted Android apps from unnecessarily accessing the personal data of the users. When it comes to the Gmail, Google has taken some steps in which it asks for the permissions to access Gmail which has got some kind of cases. Google is now said to be limiting these cases while they make them with Google’s policies for handling the user data.

According to the official Android Developers Blog, the company has said that Google Play will now be limiting the apps which ask for the permissions. The app which has got the default to make the calls or read text messages can now only access the call logs and inbox.

It seems that Google is now not wanting that apps which all have got core functionality to be used for messaging, calling or even voice command to get the access to all the logs of the users to call and SMS.

The company has given all the developers to comply with these new guidelines within 90 days from now on. This step by Google is said to be the important step by the company too is now trying to rectify the privacy issue that it has faced recently.


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