Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL Specs Got Leak Again

GOOGLE pixel 3 and google pixel 3 xl

Google is going to formally launch the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL on 9th October 2018. Till now, it has been seen that both the phones have been leaked more than one time which is via different sources.

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As per new reports, Google Pixel 3 XL will be coming to the market with a notch. One source claims that the leaked promotional renders along with the video of the Pixel 3 while the other shows the comparison between Pixel 3 XL along with Pixel 2 Xl on the video.

As per the mysmartprice, it has been able to unearth which is alleged due to the promotional renders of the all-new Pixel 3. The video that out shows about the Android Pie which is working on the phone. The images along with the video have been sourced from the Pixel Tips app that could come preinstalled on the third generation Pixel phones. It has been said that Pixel 3 looks same as that is shown in the leaks.

The phone will have a massive bezel that can probably house the dual stereo speakers that are present on top as well as on the bottom of the screen. The screen will have an aspect ratio which is said to be unusual as it is 16:9. The render, so the Pixel 3 shows that Pixel 3 will be hitting the market with the single camera along with the fingerprint scanner with a familiar dual tone design on the back.

The renders also show that the videos which have leaked ahead of the launch in which it shows that the camera that is present on Pixel 3 has got some capabilities. It has been shown that the camera can able to scan an email address from a business card. By this, the phone will be directly open the user’s email app without taking the photo of the same.

It has also been seen that the Google Lens app has included this all-new feature already. In this, the user can able to save the contact information by simply taking the photo of the business card. This all-new feature will be making its way to the Pixel’s three native camera app.

The phone will also have the Active Edges. With this, the users can able to launch Google Assistant. It the power button is pressed for a long time it will take screenshots will camera can be launch by the double pressing power button.


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