Google Play Store now got Poco Launcher for Xiaomi and other devices

Poco Launcher

It has has been seen that smartphone manufacturers have got their very own software division whose job is to create some unique as well as compelling features for their costumes. These things have been seen in many forms apart from applications as well as games.

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When anyone opens the smartphone, it is the home screen that most of the time on users. In general, it is said that most of the companies have kept the features exclusive to their device.  Now, POCO has launched its launcher in the Google Play store which is for other Xiaomi devices.

The sub-brand of Xiaomi is POCO, and it recently launched its Xiaomi Poco F1 smartphone as the debut phone from the company. This new debut smartphone of the company has got a lot of attention as it has got its high-end hardware as well as low price. The main issue is it has not got the high-end glass that other smartphones have got but with the low price tag and high specs one should not expect much. In this, the phone has got the MIUI feature which comes with the new launcher, and the team has named that as POCO launcher.

This type of launcher has been seemed to be restricted to the particular device by many companies. But with this launching of the launcher by the company for other Xiaomi devices, it seems that the company is trying to bring some changes in this segment. It also seems that Xiaomi is not restricting this to their smartphones only, but they are making it available to other smartphones too.

Most of the devices it is said to be running on stock software which came with the device. This is said to be coming in such a way that Xiaomi usually wants to do with the POCO launcher. It is also said that it may be the bug that is present inside the play store. Apart from this, it is also said that the company has added its app to the Google Play Store, but it seems that it has forgotten to restrict the app from accessing to the non-Xiaomi products.

When anyone installs this launcher in their smartphone, they will found that the clearing cache feature is built in the launcher itself. The POCO launcher seems to ask the users to clear the data whenever they want to.


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