Google tries to go to the future

Google tries to go to the future

In the latest development, on Monday, Google has celebrated its 20th birthday by marking two decades in which it has grown from simply a better way of exploring the internet. It helps in the form of the search engine that plays an important role in every day’s life.

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As per the company, it has said that they will be marking this 20th anniversary with the help of an event in San Francisco which was devoted to the future of the online search. It promises a few surprise announcements in the event.

Sergey Brin along with Larry page were the students who are from Stanford University are known for the location which is near the Silicon Valley. They have come up with a way which is said to be most efficiently index as well as the search of the internet.

The duo was said to go beyond the simple counting of the numbers of keywords that are used to develop the software which has taken to the account factors like relationships. These kinds of relationships are said to be between the web pages to help to determine from where they will be ranking in the search results. Currently, it has been seen that the company has announced some new features as well as updates to the Search platforms.

The first thing that is spotted is that the company has rebranded officially to Discover. As per Google, it said that the name had got better reflects with the goal with feed which uncovers the fresh content which is for the things that it was taken care of. With this new name comes with the redesign that that will look similar to the recent material Theme updates.

This new Discover icon will also be pop up in search results occasionally. If you can see that it is next to the trending topic that can tap it to follow the topic. Google said that Discover would only be for the new content which will be resurfaced with old Evergreen content which can never be seen before. This new feature will also have appeared in the mobile webs too.

The next big thing that we are listening is Google is now integrating more Discover tab as well as images. These types of Stories will be looking like the stories that you see on Instagram as well as Snapchat. It will be providing the information about the topic.


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