Government Data Shows Millions of Health Records Breached Every Year

Breached Records
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In the new development, as per the new study that is in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it said that the number of annual health data breaches which has been increased about 70 percent to 344 over the past seven years. With the 75 percent of this breached or stolen or even lost records which are around 132 million which has been breached by the hacking or IT incident. This nebulous category has been created by the government which does not have appeared to distinguish the malicious theft which is from accidental loss.

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The researchers who are there at the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Quantitative Health has been reviewed over the 2,000 data breaches that comprising about 176.4 million records which were reported to the Department of Health as well as Human Services that exists between 2010 as well as 2017.

It has been found that this exception was in the year 2015, in which the number of cases was data breaches which were classified as the theft that has declined as the electronic medical records. It has become more common with the number of the breaches that drop by nearly two-thirds which is between the year 2010 and 2017.

As per Thomas McCoy, who is the paper’s co-author and the centre’s director said that he has decided to analyze the data which his because he has often used the electronic health records that exist in this own research. McCoy added by saying that he thinks that it is an exciting opportunity which makes for transformational discoveries but now they wanted to understand this risks better as it is that data sets that are usually presented to the patients.

From the year 2009, in which the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was implemented, it said that the breaches of this health information are said to be protected under HIPAA which have been required to be reported to the HHS. This breach includes about 500 or more records which are about the breaches that are tracked in the public HHS database.

It has been seen that the use of electronic medical records are on the rising as the HITECH Act was implemented as the law has created a strong incentive for the doctors as well as hospitals to adopt them. As per McCoy research, it suggested that these EGRs are said to be more common data breaches, and it is increasing.


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