Half a Billion of India’s Population To Get Free Treatment

india get free treatment

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has recently launched the world’s largest health care program. With the introduction of this new scheme, the rollout of the free coverage is for an estimated half a billion of India’s poorest citizen. This new move come before some months of national elections that will be held early next year.

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This new project of health care is called as now Modicare was got unveiled in the federal budget which is early this year and launched the same at this weekend. The program was designed to offer the estimated 100 million poor as well as vulnerable families who are said to be equivalent to the estimated 500 million people. The cost of the free hospital treatment will cost around 500,000 rupees per year.

On Sunday, Modi has tweeted that it is a great initiative which is unparalleled regarding the scale of extent. It has shown the unwavering commitment to creating healthy India.  The program has raised the hopes for the better treatment which is for India’s poorest as said by critics.

As per the research unit, Capital Economics said that the funds which are used in Modicare are said to be small. The funds are about 200 billion rupees which are just 0.2 percent of the gross domestic product that been allocated each year.  On 17th August, Capital Economics has said that there may be some better provision about the health care which will be bringing the several benefits that include both economic as well as wider perspective. But it has been said that Modicare will be having an impact on the elections.

As per a report it has been said that India is only spending about 1 percent of the GDP on the public health. If the program got fully operational, then it would cost close to the $780 billion, which is a huge sum for India’s $2.4 trillion economies.

In India, the major problem is to get the access to the healthcare. There are not many public hospitals and the hospitals that are present there are often underfunded as well as understaffed. This issue which is about the healthcare problems is said to be coming in the future elections as a major issue. The nation will be going to the election before May 2019.  

Currently, India has got about 1 million registered doctors and in the state hospitals which is about 15,000 have got fewer doctors.


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