Half Of India Inc Employees Suffer Depression, Study Says


It has been seen that the employees who all are working day and night to get more money, fame as well as recognition, the more they are going towards the depression mode.

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Depression is said to be a state of mind where the people experience loss of interest, experience about the things that once they are happy by doing the same. They get the sense of incompleteness along with the suicidal thoughts in their mind.

The depression which is said to be clinical is said to last for about two weeks. It has got some of the symptoms that can last for about months or even years. This is done as the symptoms are said to be not recognizable but the condition can gradually take over it. It has been seen that most of the people suffer from clinical depression. As a result, it takes about years for them to recover from it.

A study which was conducted by Assocham during the last year has shown that about 42.5 per cent of employees are in the Indian Private sector. They are seen to be suffering from general anxiety disorder when it is compared with government employees.  This has gone to less pay along with the more working hours that has contributed with the atmosphere of constant fatigue.

The study which was done on this suggests that if it stays for a long time, then it will be led to the frustration and stress. By doing this, it will be affecting the mental health condition of that individual.

India is now the hub of cheap labour across the globe. It has been seen that a private sector person works for about minimum of about 48-50 hours a week as compared with to employee of UK who works only 33 hours a week. The pay scale in India is also less even if they work hard when it is compared with the developed countries who all get about six times more. This all reasons are said to be leading to the increase in stress level and affects the performance.

Apart from this all, the employees are also deprived of sleep even for 6 hours per day. As per a new study, it has shown that there is an increase in about 50 per cent in the last eight years and this affects the mental health of the employees. This led them to suffer from hypertension as well as cardiac disorders.


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