Health, as well as Education, Still Need More Funding

health and education

It has been seen that some of the stakeholders that are present in the health sector agree to Nigeria that it has recorded the significant progress in the past years in some areas. They are especially in the struggle to contain the deadly impact of these disease outbreaks.

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When anyone gives a glance at the history of Nigeria’s health, it can be seen that three infectious diseases like smallpox as well as guinea worm have been successfully eradicated. This successful campaign is to check the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease that is present in the country which can halt the scourge of this resurgent Lassa fever.

As per the National Coordinator of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu said in an interview that Nigeria had successfully able to reduce the cases of guinea worm infection in the country which ranges from 600,000 to 0 in between the year 1988 and 2000.

It is said that the eradication of this smallpox was said to be regarded as one of Nigeria’s greatest achievements in the public healthcare, as said by Ihekweazu. It has been said that Nigeria is successfully responded to these types of outbreaks along with many other infectious diseases as it continues to work towards to eradicate polio from the country.

Boss of NCDC, said in a statement that the centre had built a string as well as a president public health system to respond to the disease outbreaks. This is spread across the board as well as an effective surveillance system, that the public health laboratory, emergency responses, partnerships as well as strong public health workforce along with the partnerships have been contributed to control the diseases. We can recognize that we have improved over the years but not this where we can be.

The president of Nigeria Medical Association, Dr Francis Faduyile, who is listed improvement in immunization as well as the containment of Ebola in the year 2014. The success has been recorded in the ongoing fight against polio which is said to be some of the giant strides that the Federal Government which had to take n to rid in the country. It can reduce the spread of these infectious diseases. The President of Healthcare Federation of Nigeria, Ms Clare Omatseye, said that the health sector is now finally able to achieve public-private partnership.


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