Health, Education, and Patriotism is important for India’s Progress

Health, Education, and Patriotism is important for India's Progress

India is said to be facing three major problems which are good health, lack of education and in patriotism. It is seen that all the three can be able to tackle in all equal measure to see the progress, as said by the Sudha Murty, who is writer and Chairperson of Infosys.

When a writer named Vasudhendra asked her question about this, she reacted by in the very lively way in her conversation. This event was held on sylvan surroundings of Wind Chimes in Nazarbad. The name of the event was a morning with the Sudha Murty which was organized by Mysore Literature Forum Charitable Trust and Mysore Book Clubs in 2015.

She said that it is seen that people are not aware of this type of big problem education which is the most important part of the youngsters. This includes people in the villages who have got the jobs. If you have got the jobs, then the essential part is it is more skilled people, and this can become if they are educated and have got a communication skill in themselves. This type population is said to harness the development for India.

When it comes to the health, she said that she might get biased towards her father as her father was a doctor. But when it comes to the people to stay healthy, then they should first try to understand about the importance of the healthy lifestyle as well as they got the knowledge so that they can able to prevent the diseases from attacking them. The people must understand the harmful effects of the sewage waste mixing with the clean water sources, as said by Murthy. She added by saying that this can be improved with the help of the awareness as well as the precaution.

The third problem that the people have got is they lack the feelings of pride of the country and also in the culture and heritage. She said that it had been seen and she regrets that many Kannadigas were not proud of their language. Most of the time it is seen that the Kannada people were doing conversation in English.

At the end of the event, she too said about her experience of working with Devadasis and about Infosys foundation and how it can able to transform about 3,000 of them by bringing them to the mainstream. This event saw a packed house in which Murthy and Vasudhendra have a great conversation.


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