Health Information System used in Ireland is Tracked with Shortcomings

Health Information

There are few shortcomings in the main system which was used to transfer the health-related information which includes the healthcare planning, funding as well as delivery. This was confirmed by the health standards watchdog which gave a review of the system of Hospital In-patient Enquiry (HIPE) where they said that the issues with the government are capable impacting seriously on the health care planning.

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The system was designed to collect the clinical information as well as the administrative information of the hospitals and also all the information about the death as well as the discharge of the patients from all the hospitals. The patients report more than over 1.7 million and all their information are managed using the system.

The data from the system of Hospital In-patient Enquiry is retrieved while in the research and while during the compilation of the data on the drugs and the psychiatric admissions. The review was accepted by the Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa), and there were orders for the assessment compliance with the standards of the information management for the health of the nation and the data regarding the care of the society. There are nine recommendations made by the Hiqa including the necessary arrangements so that the new legal obligation can be met under the European law of protection of data. The Hiqa said that as mentioned in the General data protection Law. The office responsible within the implementation of the HSE should outline the situation where there is a necessity of seeking of the consent for the usage of the data beyond the purposes for which the data is allowed to be collected.

This has also been said that the office should also have an assessment to the requirement of the protection of the data which is a need that is merely mandatory and most particularly in the practices of the sharing of data.

The director of the Hiqa, Rachel Flynn stated according to which the reviews found some of the faults in the system of the Hospital In-patient Enquiry system which is capable of having a possible impact on the planning of the healthcare as well as funding. And to ensure HIPE would play an essential part, the HSE has to bring the nine recommendations made by Hiqa into implementation. There would be an improvement in the national health information and data inquiry system after compilation with the information of the management standards.


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