Health Non-Profits of Dallas Have Got a New Tool to Fight Food Access

fight food access

In the recent development, to increase the food access to Dallas, there is now a fight by the area health nonprofits. They have got a new weapon which can help the people to identify them when Dallas faces some immediate needs.

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It is said that the City of Dallas Community Food Assessment, is said to be an interactive map which can highlight the key data. It is like the concentration of diseases which is like obesity as well as diabetes that is presented on Friday at the seventh annual Dallas Hunger Summit. In this, there are dozens of area nutrition which the non-profits are now gathering to listen about the Dallas hospital health systems along with other health groups which are now doing to serve Dallas needs.

According to Heather Lepeska, who is the manager of the City of Dallas Office of Economic Development said that during the presentation which is about 200 attendees in which the map has taken a year in order to get developed from the data sources which are from the city, state, the country as well as federal levels.

Lepeska added by saying that, they have now got the new as well as good information about the data which is of food access, health, and hunger as it is now related to the interest areas. We had not been getting coordinated as well as consolidated as the document can give the comprehensive snapshot about the things that are currently present.

The map that they got seems to be highlighting five key areas of ZIP code. They include community gardens, the concentration of grocery stores, income, health indicators as well as supplemental nutrition opportunities. It will allow the users to get compare with diabetes as well as obesity rates in the north as well as south Dallas. It also helps to bring other many grocery stores, dollar stores as well as corner stores which are given in a ZIP code.

This lack of access to the healthy foods as well as the unhealthy food swamps that tends to unevenly affect Dallas low income Black and Hispanic communities which are more than Whites that are living in more affluent areas.

As per Jacobson, they want that it should be allowed for the community to dig in so that they will learn as well as connect to the own experience. It is now really not getting another resource which is out there, and that shows the things which are like the corner stores.


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