HMD Global Want to Take Europe’s Premium Mid-End Market

HMD Global , Nokia 7.1

In the latest announcement from HMD Global, it has introduced Nokia 7.1. This all-new smartphone is said to be carrying the hopes of the company that may help to cash in on Europe’s demand for premium mid-end smartphones.

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This new Nokia 7.1 smartphone was announced in London on Thursday. The smartphone has got a premium metal-glass design, with an HDR10-ready display along with a Zeiss branded dual camera setup that is present on the back.

According to Pranav Shroff, who is the director of Global Portfolio Strategy and planning, said that the company is now trying to create an affordable premium category globally. It has been seen in many markets that the Middle East, as well as North African Market (MENA), this type of category, can be grown to about 50-52 per cent. He added by saying that this same movement can also be seen in China where consumers are said to be moving away from the absolute low end as well as an absolute high end. This all volume is said to be lies between 2500 RMB to 4000 RMB.

As per Shroff, this new Nokia 7.1 has been designed differently. The phone has got the designed by getting the inputs from many operators like T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, and Vodafone. This €300-350 segment is said to be important in the carrier-driven markets. This type of phone is only made for this type of markets. Nokia 7.1 will hit the US market with a price tag of $349.

This shows that Nokia 7.1 from HMD Global shows that the company is now trying to gain the market share in Europe which is said to be the battleground for the Chinese players. The Chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi, Huawei as well as Oppo have held this region as the home market, but now the trend will change. The expansion to the Spain, Italy, and France have come at that point of time where the smartphones have said to be slowed down in China.

According to Bryan Ma, who is Vice-President of Client devices research at IDC, said in a statement that HMD seems to have done great work. It has raised the Nokia name again from the ashes and build some solid quality products with the great piece of Android builds. He added by saying that this is like the reincarnation the product design that gives strength to the former Nokia phone team who all leverage the supply chain abilities of Foxconn.


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