Hubble Telescope in Safe Mode as Gyro issues are Getting Diagnosed, NASA Says

Hubble telescope

On 8th October, NASA has said in a statement that one of the Hubble gyroscopes has failed during the last 5th October 2018. NASA said that this was expected that you would be going sometime in this year. But the issue arises when backup of gyro did not kick in properly 6th October.

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NASA said that it is now working to resume science operations of the Hubble Space Telescope. The spacecraft has entered the safe mode on Friday, October 5th, 2018. This has occurred at 6:00 PM EDT. Despite this mode, it is said that the telescope is working in good condition and will be giving some excellent science results in the future.

After one of the three gyroscopes failed, Hubble has entered the safe mode. They are actively used to point as well as they help in making steady the failed telescope. This safe mode of the telescope will be in place until ground control can correct the issue as well as take the mission back to normal operation.

Hubble Telescope has got six gyros installed during the Servicing Mission-4 in the year 2009. It has been seen that three gyros are used by the Hubble at a time to get the maximum efficiency.

The failed gyro which has been failed had been showing that end of life behaviour for approximately a year and this type of failure is not expected at all this time. Other two gyros which are too of same time has been already failed. The other three remaining gyros which are available for use for technically enhanced as well as to get a longer operational lives.

NASA said that two gyros are now running. The third gyro had now been held in reserve. The analysis of them shows that telemetry shows that it was not performing at the level it was programmed for. For this, Hubble will remain in safe mode.  Staff who are from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center as well Space Telescope Science Institute which is now performing analyses as well as tests to determine about the options that are available to recover the gyro so that it can carry the operational performance.

For now, all the science operations for Hubble has been suspended.  The test analysis results indicate that gyro is not usable then it will resume the science operations in the reduced gyro mode as it will be using one gyro for this.


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