If you are thin, then you May not be Healthy

Thin People may not healthy

In a new study, which was done by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is about 63 per cent of Australian adults who all are overweight.

But now it seems that it is hard to estimate how many are now within the healthy weight range. Even if they all are within the healthy weight range, they have got poor diets or sedentary lifestyles. They can cause some significant health problems which will be often be having a person that appears to look healthy.

As per the obesity statistics, they can take the estimates of the body of fat which is done by using the body mass index (BMI). BMI is said not to get perfect as they are correlated with the body fat percentage as they are quick as well as they are an easy method for collecting the data that use with the person’s height as well as weight.

It is said that if BMI is higher than 25, then a person is said to be overweight. If this is above 30, then they are considered as obese. But it has been known that by determining the BMI, it will not say anything about the person’s health. It can be done by using the additional lifestyle that helps in measuring the diet as well as the frequency of exercise over the last year. As per the recent report, which is from the Queensland Health Department, they have estimated about 23 percent of individuals who aren’t currently overweight or even obese are at high risk shortly.

When it comes to the risk factors which include heart disease as well as cancer or stroke, it is often thought that health indicators like cholesterol, smoking, body weight as well as blood pressure are taken into account. But the main role usually plays by the poor diet as well as physical inactivity. They help in increasing the risk for the heart diseases.

So this shows that even if you don’t consume alcohol or smoke, but if you are inactive and have got a bad eating habit then you may face some health issues. Till now, it is seen that there is little research which has been done to compare for the risk of the diet as well as to exercise the contributors to develop the heart diseases.

It is found that adherence to the healthy diet as well as for exercise regime was able to lower the risk to half.


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