India Is One of The Most Depressed Countries In The Whole World


World Mental Health is celebrated on 10th of October and the week is called as health week. This time is said to be the best time to spread awareness about mental health disorders. They also ask the survivors to share their stories so as other who all are suffering from it will get motivated from that.

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Mental health is said to be the most valuable thing that we pose with us. We often follow the capabilities of the mental health to underpins so that we can successfully learn and can master the skills. This skills will help us to make our lives meaningful as well as worthwhile.

It has been seen that most of the people neglect the treatment or checkup for mental weakness. As per the recent National Mental Health Survey, there are about 150 million people in India who all need mental treatment. The survey shows that they have discovered 70 and 92 per cent of the whole cases have failed to get any type of treatment.

Lancet which is a medical journal has published a report today by the Commision on Global Mental Health. This report was said to be launched on Tuesday on global mental health which was hosted by the UK government in London. This report shows not only increase in mental illness but also increase in early deaths, disability, and many more conditions.

In said that in India, the situation is very worse. The suicide that was occurring in the country is now on the rise and most leading cause of death among young people. The use of alcohol among the people is too rising day by day. As a result, it affects the mental health of them.  It also said that the country lacks a community based mental health service centre.

The main reason behind the rise in this is a financial hardship, lack of proper education, physical illness, and shortage of basic resources as well as inability to provide basic things to the family are leading to the mental illness among the people in the country.

To minimize these things, the commission should make guidelines for it. They should set the target in such a way that they can achieve that in a short duration. The approach to the mental health must cover the full spectrum which is from day today wellness to many disabling conditions. This approach will help in minimizing the mental illness to a great extent.


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