Intel Core i7-9700K 8 Core Processor results got the leak

Intel Core, i7-9700K

As per the Spanish media outlets El Chapuzas Informatico, it has published a review of the all-new upcoming Intel Core i7-9700K octa-core processor which has detailed about the reports of the results of the performance of the same. The review is said to be first of its kind, as it was published before the Intel announced it officially about this new processor.

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It has been said that the detailed performance of all the numbers of all the three 9th generation Unlocked SKUs will be available during the launch. Now we get the first performance review of all the Intel 9th Generation Core i7 SKU which will be aiming for the high-end mainstream segment. Apart from this, it is said that the Core i9-9900K will be the flagship model for this lineup.

When we see the specifications of the Core i7-9700K in which we can get 8 cores as well as eight threads. The chip will feature about 12 MB of L3 cache. It has got a low thread which is about the Core i7-8700K that comes with the higher core count. This along with the high clock speeds will help to reduce the difference which is between the high threaded model as well as new part.

When it comes to the speeds of the clock, the chip has got a base clock of about 3.6 GHz which can boosts up to 4.9 GHz in the single as well as 4.8 GHz in the dual-core, 4.7 GHz in four core as well as about 4.6 GHz in 6 or 8 core operations. The TDP about this part is maintained at about 95W.

When the performance comes, this chip is said to be the fastest chip. This is in both single as well as multi-core performance benchmarks. When it is compared to the AMD’s Ryzen, the chip has got a strong lead in the single core performance which even comes with a low thread count. It can manage to outperform the Core i7-8700K which is even like manages to close the gap which is with the Ryzen 7 2700X with some rendering workloads that except Cinebench R15 and wPARIME.

Core i7 is good for the gaming, and it has been doing the same by dominating in the gaming sector. It has been seen that the Core i7-9700K which was outclassed all the CPU out there.


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