Intel Unveils its 9th GEN Desktop CPU Lineup

Intel 9th GEN

In the recent official announcement, Intel has now unveiled its 9th Gen Core lineup. This lineup includes Core i9-9900K, Core i7-9700K as well as Core I5-9600K. The company has unveiled its lineup in a launch event held in New York.

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It has been seen that the 9th Gen Lineup has got the Core i9-9900K which includes eight cores with a top speed of about 5GHz. The company has called this the world’s best gaming processor. It has been seen that Intel has shown the motherboards which are from Asus, MSI, ASRock, and Gigabyte. They are said to be based on a new desktop platform controller which will be going along with the 9th Gen Core Processors.

This all-new Core i9-9900K will mark the first time in which the Intel is using to the Core i9 brand. It has said to get the eight cores with the Hyper-Threading which is for 16 total threads. The core has got the base speed of about 3.6 GHz with a single-core boost speed which is 5GHz. The company is said to be calling to the first broad volume which is 5GHz CPU. It has also got a 16MB cache along with dual-channel DDR4 RAM support. When it is compared with a Core i7-8700K, the rated TDP has got a 95W. The new Core i9-9900K has got more cores which comes with the same frequencies that are running within the same thermal envelope.

AS per the Intel, it said that the performance for all games is improved to about 10 per cent when they are compared with the previous generation. When it comes to the video editing feature with Adobe Premiere, it is up by about 34 per cent as well as 97 per cent faster respectively. The Intel said this after it tested by itself.

The company has also shown a single PC which has got a Core i9-9900K that runs with two games in the separate virtual machines. The gaming which will be done while encoding or streaming is said to be more usage scenario. The processor chips will be available in a new dodecahedron shaped box that Intel wants to show to the buyers.

The all three new 9th Gen Core Desktop CPUs are said to be based on Coffee Lake architecture. It will be used to an optimized 14nm manufacturing process in which the Intel 14nm ++ is used. They also include hardware mitigations which are for the high-profile Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.

All are now up for the pre-orders, and it will be available from 19th October.


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