Kaziranga National Park to launch drones in the Sky that can stay up for 5 hours

Kaziranga National Park, Drone

The first time Kaziranga used drones was in the year 2013 which was a trial round. But the permission for starting aerial surveying and monitoring was received only in 2017. The Kaziranga National Park that is situated in Assam and is famous for one horned rhinoceros is already to lunch its very own hi-tech drones that will capture video footage of the park areas that cannot be travelled on foot. The government and the department are also looking up to set a new division just to make sure that the number of officials and forces are increased that will patrol the area and prevent poaching.

Kaziranga National Park, Drone

Parimal Suklabaidya, the environment and Forest Minister of Assam was reported saying that the products or the drones are expected to be received in around two months. The new drones are expected to be able to fly for 4-5 hours and capture best quality video footage. Then you will not overcome that time and maximum height limitation as compared to the older ones. The Minister believes that the Kaziranga National Park has also been bifurcated into two major divisions the Eastern Assam wildlife two that is also the existing division which includes the Kaziranga National Park and the second one is the new Bishwanath wildlife division which is an area of about 401 sq. Km.

Parimal also stated that the new division would mean an increase in staff as well as in the Vigilance in that particular area that will be very effective when it comes to preventing the rate of poaching and improving the wildlife management. The notification has been already provided, and official inauguration will be taking place anytime soon. Saikia was reported saying that a straying rhino was tracked within half-an-hour in the eastern range of the Kaziranga National Park with the help of a drone.

Initially, the idea of flying the Drone on over Kaziranga National Park was attempted in the year 2013 which was a trial. But the official project was permitted in the year 2017. As stated by the authorities of Kaziranga National Park, they have three numbers of drones now one with the forest personnel and two other with the police. According to the officials, the drones have been helpful especially during the last year’s massive floods, but they also come with some limitations. The drones flew for only 20-35 minutes, and they were also not meant for wildlife use.


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