Last Paper of Stephen Hawking Was On Black Holes

Stephen hawking

As per the new reports, the final scientific paper of Stephen Hawkings is said to be released by the physicists who all have worked with the late British cosmologists.

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Hawking was said to be working on the black holes and trying to understand the nature of that and want to say about the results that may come out when an object falls to the black hole. This work is said to concern the physicists as all the information has been completed just before some days before his death.

A report by the Guardian that was posted on Wednesday states that it has been written up by the colleagues at Cambridge and Harvard Universities and now they have posted this online.

In this news paper, it has been seen that the researchers have re-examined the long-standing belief in which the information is said to be held with the help of an object. It shows that when the object is thrown at the black hole what will happen to that particular object. Most of the physicists have said that when anything moves to the black holes, then the intense gravity within it will be stretching the entire body of the object to the string of atoms. But if you exit the black hole, then you can recognize that as a person.

According to Malcolm Perry, who is the professor or this theoretical physics at Cambridge, and also the co-author of this paper name is “Black Paradox” at the centre of Hawking life which is said to be more than 40 years.

In the year 1915, Einstein has published this theory about the general relativity, which is a tour-de-force which have described that how gravity will be arising from the space-time bending effects of matter. The theory of Einstein too have made some important prediction about the black hole.  But after 60 years, Hawking has argued about this as by saying that black holes have the temperature in them. They are not only hot objects, but they too lost the temperature in the space.

This new theory shows that the entropy of the black hole present in the photons can able to bounce around the event horizon. These particles are said to be light to make it a sort of halo that is around the black hole which is called as soft hair in the paper.


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